Pottery for Beginners


Attending a Demonstration or Class

When a person is demonstrating for an audience how to do something, there are generally unexpected results. Sometimes the demonstration goes according to plan. This...


Sharing Tips and Tricks

By the time most people are ready to set up their own pottery studio, they have been working at the local pottery shop for at...


Choosing and Preparing the Clay

Choosing the type of clay to be used to make a piece of pottery depends on the skill of the potter and the item they...


Centering the Clay on the Wheel

It is a joy to watch an experienced potter throw a lump of clay onto a wheel and create a bowl, dish, mug or pot....


Finding a Commercial Kiln

Clay is a wonderful medium for those who want to learn how to create, and many people find a ready source of material in their...

The internet is a wonderful place where people can learn many things. Unfortunately, learning the basics of pottery is not one of them. There are a large number of videos on working clay and throwing pots. These videos are done well and often have great tips and tricks. Many of them are very useful for advanced students that want to learn new techniques.

One of the main reasons these videos cannot always assist a beginner is because they are incomplete. Few instructors want to make mistakes that will be posted where anyone in the world can see them. Instructors tend to leave out the mistakes that can happen to even an experienced pot thrower. Learning about these mistakes and how to avoid them is very important when learning the basics of pottery. Rather than wasting time and energy, it is best to take a real class or at least attend several demonstrations.